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Advancing Towards the Future of Medicine: MIRM


There is perhaps no field more relevant to the future of medical care than regenerative medicine.  With the potential to heal or replace tissues and organs damaged by age, disease, or trauma, regenerative medicine stands to bypass obstacles posed by current transplant therapy, which suffers from limited donor supply and often severe immune complications. The… Read More

An Intimate Conversation with Dr. James Kang and Dr. Steven R. Goodman


After a whirlwind two days of meeting with multiple leaders at companies from across the city of Memphis and speaking with several officials from UTHSC and the University of Memphis, we sat down with Dr. James Kang (left) and Dr. Steven R. Goodman (right) to talk about where they’ve been, what has been discussed, and what… Read More

Global Research, Education, and Business Collaborations – Where Could UTHSC Go Next?


When the University of Tennessee Health Science Center hosted a delegation of Chinese scientists in mid-April as part of an ongoing conversation to bring novel research initiatives, cutting-edge biotechnologies, and a student and postdoctoral Fellow Exchange Program to Memphis, you may wonder what could all this mean for UTHSC’s future? Our university offers several unique assets… Read More