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Vice Chancellor Goodman Receives Special Honor and Recognition from International Scientific Journal


UTHSC Vice Chancellor for Research, Dr. Steve Goodman, was recently honored for his work as editor in chief of Experimental Biology and Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in the biomedical sciences.

From left to right: Warren Zimmer, PhD, Texas A&M Health Science Center; Tom Thompson, PhD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine; and Dr. Goodman. Photo by Amber Dean.

Leadership of the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine (SEBM), which publishes the journal, presented Dr. Goodman with a surprise award and special video tribute at its annual conference last month. Members of the SEBM council recognized and praised Dr. Goodman for the 15 years he has dedicated to expanding the journal’s reach and transforming its credentials. Since becoming editor in chief in 2006, Dr. Goodman has increased the journal’s scientific categories from seven to 21, and engaged his international network to grow it into a global publication.

Recruiting board members as well as editors to man new offices on four continents, Goodman established locations in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Taiwan, and Ghana, in addition to the U.S. offices in Washington, D.C. and New York. The journal now has an international editorial board with 180 members. “The Society would not be where it is without him,” said Tom Thompson, PhD, professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and president of SEBM. 

“It’s has been an honor and a pleasure to work with Dr. Goodman over the past nine years. At the helm of our flagship journal, Experimental Biology and Medicine, he has expertly navigated the changing tides of scholarly publishing to expand our reach globally and poise the journal for continued success. Not only has his work with the journal been invaluable, he is also a true connector and passionate leader in the SEBM community. We’re blessed to have him as our champion and I know SEBM wouldn’t be as successful as we are today without him.”

SEBM Executive Director, Jess Homa

Dr. Goodman spoke of the joy he receives from his contributions to the global scientific community. “I was surprised and honored to receive this unexpected recognition from my colleagues and friends at SEBM and Experimental Biology and Medicine,” he said. “The video tribute touched my heart and I will be forever grateful for the kind words that were said. The growing of the scope of the journal and its globalization has brought me great joy, and as expected, has led to corresponding growth of the society SEBM.”

The Society previously honored Dr. Goodman with a Distinguished Scientist Award in 2011. Join us in congratulating Dr. Goodman on this special award!