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Discovering the Ubiquitin Proteolytic System


“Biochemistry is the science of life. All our life processes – walking, talking, moving, feeding – are essentially chemical reactions. So biochemistry is actually the chemistry of life, and it’s supremely interesting.” -Dr. Aaron Ciechanover At a time when the biomedical world was racing to uncover the secrets surrounding the translation of the information coded by… Read More

The Snow Days Miracle of Winter 2018 AKA “With a Lot of Help from My Friends” A Message from the Vice Chancellor for Research


A Pictorial Story A blanket of snow in Memphis closed down UTHSC January 15th to the 17th. The challenge faced by the Office of Research was that this coincided precisely with our visit from Nobel Laureate and Professor Dr. Aaron Ciechanover. How did wonderful teamwork and dedication turn this challenge into a memorable experience for… Read More

A [Dinner] Meeting of the Minds


On the evening of January 14, 2017, Tsunami Owner and Chef Ben Smith and his assistant are busily prepping dinner for an intimate dinner party. The smell of sweet chili sauce and lamb fills the home of Dr. and Mrs. Steven R. Goodman. The dinner is being hosted in honor of Israeli Biochemist and Nobel Laureate… Read More