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The Snow Days Miracle of Winter 2018 AKA “With a Lot of Help from My Friends” A Message from the Vice Chancellor for Research

A Pictorial Story
Dr. Ciechanover and Chancellor Schwab at Dr. Goodman’s home

A blanket of snow in Memphis closed down UTHSC January 15th to the 17th. The challenge faced by the Office of Research was that this coincided precisely with our visit from Nobel Laureate and Professor Dr. Aaron Ciechanover. How did wonderful teamwork and dedication turn this challenge into a memorable experience for all involved? I will tell that story with pictures.

Dinner at the Goodman’s on the 14th, included Chancellor Schwab. Aaron receives his tie-dyed Aaron Ciechanover t-shirt. He loved the shirt and his “Blue-Suede Shoes” book given to him by VCR Goodman. Aaron is a big Elvis fan.

The 15th spent at St. Jude, Graceland, and the Memphis Jewish Community Center where Aaron spoke on his life in Israel since the creation of the country.

On the 15th, Steve Goodman called Sarah Bloch with the idea of holding the VCR Distinguished Lecture at an alternative site, should UTHSC again be closed on September 16th. Sarah called Dr. Ryan Potts and the team at St. Jude. By the morning of the 16th when UTHSC had a snow day, St. Jude offered us the Marlo Thomas Auditorium for the VCR Distinguished Lecture. Despite the snow, over 150 researcher were in attendance.

“My dear friend Steve,

The Graceland tour group including Office of Research Staff, UT Foundation Staff, and UTHSC Faculty

No words to thank you for a truly royal, but mostly heart-warming, friendly hospitality. It was just perfect and the snow made it even better, I enjoyed every moment, and being a vet of hundreds of visits, this one was truly an exception, much thanks to you, of course.

Say warm hello to Cindy and please thank on my behalf to all your wonderful people who worked so hard – including our two security guys – to make it such a successful one.

Be well, and take a rest today. Enjoy the NBA game. As ever,


-Steven R. Goodman, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Research